A hike to the sea

The weather has been warming so we decided to go to the coast for a trail to hike this weekend, setting on the 5.5 mile hike at Cape Falcon.  We tried this trail before but it was still early so the trail was too muddy to properly hike unless I wanted to risk losing a shoe when my foot sunk in.


And this is what all the rain in the winter does to the trail, this trail is lined with large old growth trees and at several points it there were exposed roots to navigate on the trail.  It was a nice hike despite the tripping hazards, and very little traffic which made it even better.

This was the first clear view we had, Short Sand beach is visible, Mt Neahkahnie and in the distance a bit of the beach at Manzanita. Typically when we visit this beach we're down on the sand, there is an incredible number of tidal pools during low tide where we can see all sorts of marine life.

There was no way to get a photo of where the trail ended since we were on it, if you at the next rock formation you can get an idea of where the area were sitting as it was very similar on this point.   We want to hike the mountain on the far shore so I will have to remember to try to get a photo of this spot when we're there. Overall a beautiful day, and for me there is nothing quite like the smell of the ocean.  We can occasionally catch a bit of it in the city when the wind is right and it always makes me smile


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