What to say?

Its been a week where I've managed to make myself miserable without meaning to.  Saturday was heavy rain so we couldn't hike so we went to the gym for some strength training.  The weather was clear on Sunday and I realized half way through the elevation part of the climb that I'd strained a muscle which took until Tuesday to really feel better. This wasn't as bad as straining my calves the first hike where I wasn't able to walk properly for 3 days but it certainly wasn't fun since it was my thigh muscles.


The climb was worth the pain as always, this time we were greeted by a Great Blue Heron at the top, until of course it realized we were watching and it took off. My legs were better by Tuesday, just in time for me to have a dental appointment where work was done on a tooth that has been bothering me.  It's now Friday and I feel like I've been on a 3 day drinking binge, must be the Novocaine and the pain meds they gave me that I took on Wednesday. But now we're on to a 3 day weekend and I'm hoping for at least 1 dry day to go hiking, the weather is on now and they're telling me Monday and because this is a favorite spot while hiking,  a picture from the top of Multnomah falls.


This place just begs for fairies or gnomes roaming around the moss-covered rocks *grin*


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