Going to the dogs

We don't have children, when I was at an age I wanted them I had a severe back injury and then my life changed and it wasn't a time to bring a child into the world with my life.  Instead we have our dogs while not the same, they certainly keep us entertained. The first to join us was Indiana. I was divorced, moved back in with my mom to get things sorted out and we had lost our family dog a year earlier.  Mom got another dog that fit mom's relaxed lifestyle perfectly, she liked to lounge and nap and I missed an active dog.  After a bit of searching and many rescues telling me no because the yard wasn't completely fenced, I found Indiana.

From a rescue in Indiana, he has been a source of amusement since the day I brought him home. He's chased squirrels and nearly caught a few, dug a whole large enough for him and several other dogs in a matter of minutes in my mom's flower bed (oops) and he is a fan of sleeping in a manner that makes him appear that he thinks he's a person. When I moved out his behavior got really bad, he'd always been with another dog even if he didn't play with them, he had the social aspect of another dog so the hunt began for another. We were in luck, a local rescue had 2 that were recently rescued from a puppy mill so we took Indiana to meet them to make sure we weren't going to invite destruction of our things if they didn't get along.  One of the girls was extremely damaged from her bad life and we thought she'd be completely over whelmed with Indiana so we brought home a beautiful black and tan that we named Lizzie.


Turns out the very scared, quiet dog we brought home was all a ploy to lure us into a false sense of security.  She had no use for us, humans hadn't given her much of a reason to trust but she and Indiana got along famously and I think they got into even more trouble than we had with Indiana on his own. Here they pretend to play while Lizzie is actually trying to eat the artificial Christmas tree. About a year after we got Lizzie we moved from Michigan to Oregon, Lizzie still wasn't coming around as well as we'd hoped.  She seemed confused about how to be a dog... enter Maggie.  Maggie was the only puppy I ever hope to have I as prefer them a bit older from a rescue, we got her to help encourage Lizzie along and it really helped bring out her personality much to our dismay at 4am these days.   When she was a puppy it wasn't unusual to see her picking play fights with Lizzie, Indiana would just roll her and go back to sleep, and a few times I managed to get pictures before they realized I was there ha!


Dorks, both of them.  I was attempting to fold laundry on this occasion and they took over the bed.  Then in a matter of minutes you will walk into the living room and they're napping together as if this is Lizzie's own puppy


This is still my absolute favorite picture of the 2 girls, one of the few pictures I actually made the effort to print and frame.


For all their antics I wouldn't trade them for anything.  There are nights they are better than what is on TV for all their antics and nothing beats a warm dachshund snuggled up by your feet on a cold night.


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