Yet Another

Quilt that is, the other a king sized quilt, this one is more of a full/queen size. Again, not a quilter so I have not a clue on the name of this particular block either. After talking with Jay he said this might actually be a bit older than his original guess of the 40's... his grandmother was born around 1900. As you can see Indy is here helping out by supervising the whole process, Lizzie kept trying to walk all over it so she is off somewhere else trying to find trouble

Again the other side here. Indy apparently lost interest in the whole process and ran off to shred yet another of his toys into a pile of stuffing and a piece of rag :)


  1. Both quilts are beautiful!

  2. Both quilts are beautiful, i really like this one

  3. I beleive the quilt pattern is called "Grandmother's Flower Garden" When I did a sampler quilt we did a "Grandmothers Bouquet" which is similar but it's 3 flowers together. It's a lot of fun, but also a lot of little pieces!

  4. This quilt is amazing. What a great find. Your pup is cute. Ann.

  5. I'm not a quilter either - far too mathematical for me :) BUT I do love them - wish someone would make one for me :) I will have to settle for buying one!

  6. Very pretty. There is such a lot of work in those, it's great they found a home with someone who appreciates them.

  7. Very pretty quilt. My aunt and grandmother quilt and I want to learn but since they live in Oregan and New york and I live in Germany we are just too far away, lol. I am going to learn on my own someday.


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