I Wish

I wish I could say I've been toiling to make this quilt but I didn't. This behemoth was made by Jay's grandmother and aunt, his best guess somewhere in the 1940's. I have it here in 2 halves, I don't have enough space anywhere in the apartment that I could fully open this thing to take a full photo and its raining so outside isn't such a good idea ;)

I honestly don't do THAT well with a basic sewing project much less a full quilt, I don't even know the name of this particular design so if anyone does please enlighten me :)
I am almost done with my gift, once I figured out what stitch would work its actually moving along quite quickly so I should have that done in a day or so and get it sent off so I can post photos without worrying about it being spotted and ruining the fun of a surprise.



  1. I do believe those are called 'bowties'. But don't take it as gospel, I only quilt every once in a great while. :o)

    It's still beautiful and so cool to have one so old, made by a family member. That's what I tell myself when I DO actually work on one ... ' I wanna have something that someone many years down the road will look at, cherish and wonder about.' Then I put it away again. heh.

  2. Yep, that's a bowtie quilt. Fantastic. Ann.


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