WIPocalypse 2019

And another year begins.  Perhaps this might be one where I don't stop blogging mid-year as has been the trend past years.  The past few years have been a journey in more ways than one and I'm finally at a point where I have a sense of peace with it all. My WIP page is linked in the banner, there are seriously too many for me to repost them all here.

Some ripping done recently on Hometown Holidays.  I had the wrong color in for the siding around the wreath and while it was fine, I annoyed me because I knew it was wrong.  That aside there isn't much left on this one and I can move on to the third piece in the series.

Not a lot to finishing up on the Old Italian Sewing set from GPA, I have that out to work on when my arm needs a break from the afghan.  The high thread count makes this difficult to take anywhere, I need my ott light and magnifiers to see properly without straining my eyes.

Ambrosia Honey from the EGA member magazine.  I needed another project started right?  I don't have a lot done but its been a treat to stitch. Its meant to be a lesson in compensation so often things don't line up and I'm sure there will be several partial patterns when this is done.

Hopefully a few more things knocked off the WIP list this year as I'm now up to 16, yikes! To check out more from WIPocalypse, click the graphic to go to Measie's blog.  You can join up there or follow her link to the Facebook group. 



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