Keeping warm for winter

Despite my absence I have been stitching, I've even been starting more things that I can add to my mile high pile of works in progress.  It all started with the additional stash from my mom and aunt that came into our home.  I did manage to re-home a lot of things, but some I wasn't quite ready to part with.  Like this book of crochet.  I haven't done anything in crochet since I was 12 and even then it wasn't that amazing.

I wasn't even born yet, this was my mom's first class to learn how.  The book included the patterns I knew because they were the afghans that covered the furniture in the house growing up. They were also the afghans that covered me when I was sick and spent the day on the couch and something mom made look so easy because she could do just about anything while working on one.

Playing cards on one afghan while mom works on another

When I was visiting my brother I noticed he had a few of my mom's afghans in his home and I suddenly wanted one.  I knew those were among the few remaining and she made them for him so I wasn't going to get them, even if I begged.  I was going to have to make my own, so what better way than to use her patterns.

This is my kind of yarn, self striping so I don't have to change colors.  Other than the knots found in the cake from each length being joined, it works up amazingly well.  The knots, well they could have been done better but this is not high end yarn, its affordable yarn and the knots I don't like I've retied and they're fine.

I need to get help, or a room with no dogs for a full photo, its nearly long enough to be a lap blanket and I have 2 more cakes to get to a good length. For now its a nice warm lap blanket to cover my legs while I'm working on it, perfect for this rather random winter weather we're having.  I might also have more yarn stocked up in the guest room to make another.  These are single person sized, not sofa sized.  Using single crochet and as tight as I work, I didn't want something that would be so incredibly heavy that I would ruin my washer with an attempt to clean it. That will be later if I decide to make something to cover the sofa

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