WIPocalypse Update for April

WIPocalypse, hosted by Measie. Its the end of April, ok 2nd of May because I'm lazy, and amazingly I've made some progress on my oldest WIP, Twister. Its entirely possible that I might actually finish this one.

I'm on my last square with 7 sections left to stitch, then I just need to finish up the border and I can finally pull the tacks and block this one for framing.  I usually don't block my work but Twister has had a hard life. I started this when it was published, so long ago I've forgotten. Its moved 3 times and suffered a lot of abuse that a canvas would have taken but congress cloth isn't quite as sturdy.


I've been asked before where to buy it, amazingly I found Ruth Kern Books shows it in stock from an additional printing they requested so its still possible to get your own copy of this gem. Honestly, for all the whining I've done it really has been a great piece to work on.  All the different stitches and the textures they offer when stitched was fun, it was maybe just not the best project when I was going through a more chaotic part of life that I really couldn't devote the time to working on it to see the regular progression. It really wasn't until late last year when I was able to obtain my now unsealed adoption record and get to know where I came from that I really got a sense of calm after losing my mom and my aunt and its helped my motivation to pick up my needle and keep going.  Even more so because I just had another huge pile of stash shipped from my brother.  

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  1. Wow. Twister is amazing. And so is everything you’ve gone through with the sealed adoption records. I can’t wait to see a finish.


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