Hometown Holiday Update

First a finish, the first design 'My House' I'm still debating adding something on either side of my last name, it seems a bit thin there with so few letters. This has been sitting near done for quite a while, my life has been crazy the past 6 months with changes to my life I never expected, so my attention has been elsewhere.  I looked at the photo last night to share and realized I had missed the leaves on the ends of the vine so I got that finished up to call this one done.

Now that things have calmed down I also have a good amount of progress on the Main street Train Station.  At the moment there is a glaring error in color choice on the roof of the station but I can't make up my mind if I dislike it enough to frog it. It isn't unrealistic to have 2 different materials or colors on the building so I may end up leaving it, I'll decide when I get more done and see how it looks with the whole design.

I'm sensing a trend though.  Missed 2 sets of branches on one, this one has the wrong color, hopefully, I will have better focus on the next one and save myself a bit of frogging.

And its a new moon so its time for the Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long.  I can't remember the last time I emptied the ort jar, perhaps I should have for the start of the year but its already February. Maybe next year. Threads from several projects and even a bit of yarn from the afghan hiding in the basket under my chair that I really should get back to.

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  1. I love your stitches! Great ORTs! I was going to do a monthly jar but I forgot to empty it last month and I added a whole bunch of ORTs before I realized...whoops!

    1. I know what you mean. I need to switch or possibly just wash this one. It hasn't been cleaned properly since I pulled the remains of the candle out of it and thats been... a while O.o

  2. Nice projects you are stitching and nice batch of orts too.

  3. Pretty ort ... glass (?) Both your pieces look great and I think the station roof looks just fine! If you still want something on each side of your name on the other one, perhaps a snowflake or two?

    1. I think the roof is going to look ok too, I just need it done to see the full picture. For the name, I was considering a snowflake but thought something with more contrast might be better.


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