Spring stitching

I've managed to get a few things done over the past few months, the record rain and cold persisted and I still wasn't up to hiking so I didn't leave the house unless necessary.  The Linen band sampler is almost done, still.  I've got the last section in, cut and I'm at the point of wrapping bars and adding the decorative stitches so it was put away again until I have bigger blocks of time to stitch.  Once I start a block I don't like to leave it half finished as the threads can lose tension and I'm likely to forget where I was in the design.

I did manage to finish my pansy needle roll and take this completely awful picture of the finished piece. I started this one in 2012 from the note on the chart, then I promptly misplaced it in the house and didn't work on it again until late last year.

I also stitched and finished the pieces I had from the Isotta series by Giulia Punti Antichi.  I wasn't able to get all the charts as these were sold in 2007 and I missed them when they were new but these make a nice set.  The pin cushion and scissors fob were in the stash I took from my mom's house and I happened upon the matching biscornu online for sale.  This ended up being a quick, fun stitch and the finished pieces are lovely. Thanks to mom for being the overachiever when shopping and having the pins as they really add to the biscornu.  I looked for more for the pincushion and they seem to be long since sold out.

I am pleased I got this set sewn together instead of my usual setting it next to the sewing machine to get to eventually.  Perhaps I need to spend a weekend on that and see what I can get done as the rest of the finishing pile is really getting out of hand.

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