New Year and a new project

Possibly thanks to my complete lack of grace I had a good start to the year with stitching.  The day after my last post I was walking down a flight of stairs, stepped wrong and rolled my ankle to the point that I was really concerned I'd broken bones.  Thankfully I had a 4 day weekend for the New Years holiday, so I was able to put my feet up and rest, just turned out to be a very bad sprain, so I dug out Sew Tote-ly, Love-ly and got to work on some hardanger.

I still have more to go for the first pass, I got pretty far, but I just couldn't stand cream on cream anymore, it was time for something new.  

I have several other canvas projects I really want to start, so I figured it was time to get Twister out and try to get it finished.  I've got 6 more sections complete that I somehow failed to photograph, but they're the the largest so the rest should move along quickly.  Even if I don't get it finished I'm trying to get the square complete before I put it down, the border will be a bit monotonous, but that will allow me to move on to the next project, if I can find something to stitch, oh wait.  Did I mention I signed up for a class?  Berries Sew Sweet by Jackie de Plessis, Shining Needle Society is offering it, and I can't wait.


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