Totally Useless

Fashionably late, but that was predictable considering its me.  My Totally Useless stitch along share for the month, I actually got quite a bit of stitching done this month to add to the jar.  Perhaps I should consider emptying it this year, the vase if rather dusty and that collection has taken several years to fill up.

The Little House sheep are finished which was my work project so I've pulled out Blackwork Fantasy Garden for something to keep at work for my lunch break. For as frustrated with it as I was when I put it away, I've really enjoyed working on this one again, a break from blackwork was apparently all I needed.  I only work for 30-45 min per day so not an incredible amount of progress but its's moving in the right direction.

At home I went for the piece that appeared closest to finished, a Tribute to Vincent. This was one of my mom's last projects that I've had since... oh 2008 so its past time I get my tail in gear and get it finished.   She had the vase of flowers done and the table top started for me.  After that just a straight stitch background around the flowers and this one will be out if the WIP pile.

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