Holiday Finishing

For the complete lack of stitching in the first half of the year, I've managed to get several times done and finished this year which for me is quite remarkable.  Yep, I'm the girl who sewed a fabric roll to store my finished but un-finished stitching so it wouldn't get ruined waiting for me to frame or sew it into something.   I was pacing myself, yeah thats it.  Well I have a few more to share before the year is over.

My sewing machine even got a workout.  I love almost everything about this machine but I do not understand not using a pedal to run the needle, this push button thing has much less control.  Quite certain I have the pedal somewhere in a cabinet, perhaps I should find that for my next project.  The backing on all the pillows was the same green ultra suede I'm using here, I couldn't find any other colors at the local fabric shop and I planned on using cording so I decided to add color there instead.

Many little pillows and these wonder clips are fantastic.  Clipped all the ends to helped to set the seam to make it easier to close the seam after I stuffed them and held the fabric while I was closing the seam without me stabbing myself with the pins.

Here they all are finished and waiting for a home.  I had intended to put them in my darning basket but they're a bit bigger than I was expecting and don't fit so well.  The cord came out great, its all DMC in colors to match each design.  One skein of the sheep color, one of the dark brown that appears in all the designs and one of the brighter colors.  Purple, red, orange, green, and blue which helped bring out the colors without any other contrast in the finished piece.

And one last item, Baroque by Jean Hilton.  I finished this one in 2007 and stuffed it in a drawer because at the time I didn't have a good framer nearby that would do this for a price I was willing to pay.  Now its done and a new wall has been started for the more abstract designs.  I happily have a nice long hallway in the house to hang all my work and by complete chance I have all the samplers together so it only made sense to start a new wall for this one.  Once I get Jim Wurth's dodecagons framed up they can fill the rest of the space.

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