The home stretch

My favorite kind of Monday, one where I have the day off. Downside is I'll have all of Monday's work waiting for me when I get to work tomorrow, I'm ok with that now as my current goal is to not get dressed today haha!

As I'm off today I'm hoping to finish this one but I have a recipe I want to try so odds are I will be finishing this tomorrow evening but I can hope, right?  The other 11 are sitting on the sewing table with some lovely green Ultrasuede for finishing into the small pillows.  The recommended finishing is weeks dye works wool, a different color for nearly every design, I didn't find anywhere I could buy that small of a cut so I opted for a consistent fabric and I'm thinking about adding a bit of variation of color to the cording that will frame the design.

Another finished piece finally framed and on the wall.  I got this chart just after it was released in the late 90's, finished the design in 2006.  Guess its well past time I got it framed instead of letting the inside of the drawer enjoy the finished piece, haha

And last, its that time again.  You know, when I'm late posting for the stitch along that doesn't even require me to take a nice photo of my stitching.  I'm finally reaching the point where it doesn't push down very well, perhaps I will empty it for the new year.

Thanks for reading!


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