September Smalls

Been a few months since I've remembered to post my smalls.  Ok its been more than a few but just like my birthday, I've stopped counting.  I got the stitches in so I'm happy.

Another of the Sheep Virtues from Little house needleworks that should have been completed last year, or was this the year before?  Drat, I really am behind aren't I?  I have the charts, have a cute basket to put them when they're finished, I'll get there eventually. To add to the fun I found the Little House Christmas Village that I somehow missed before, too cute and better than the big and clunky ceramic villages I used to have.

Not much else for stitching happening, end of summer is also canning season here so I've spent a bit of time in the kitchen putting up food from the garden.  This year we got another small freezer so I had room for more berries and veggies that we don't enjoy canned like snow peas and creamed corn.

Thanks for reading!


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