Birds, Flowers and Stitching Smalls

Yes birds and flowers, and not the kind found in a garden although the garden is becoming a bit crazy.  So far this season I've already  harvested 10 pounds of potatoes, a gallon bag of shelling peas and half a gallon of snow peas with much more to come.  I had a point when I started however, and it has nothing to do with food.


Ok, its not finished but the stitching is done.  So happy to see the end of the nun stitch and whatever other tedious blinding stitch is binding the edges of the fabric, I nearly danced around the room but then I remembered the dogs get mad when I interrupt them napping. Sadly the rest of the pattern is missing so I have to make up the rest if I want to stitch the accessories.  The basket has fabric and material to hold fabric so it will stay in place to line it, the pincushion, pins which tells me a pin keep and ribbon which likely belongs to a needle book.  I'm not sure how many I will try to chart out, for now I'm just pleased to get this one off the WIP pile so it can now collect dust on my sewing table... oh wait, what?

I also managed to finish another sheep in the Sheep Virtues series from, umm, last year for my Stitching Smalls SAL.  I'm past the half way point in them, once they're all done I'm going to pick out some coordinating wool and finish them into the small pillows to go in one of my many darning baskets. And now to find the next project to dig out of the pile and attempt to finish, or perhaps just take a nap.  Until next time...


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