And the De-Stashing continues...

The past few years a lot has changed in life, one of those being trying to live with less.  Odd that it took moving into a house that is twice the size of our apartment to realize how enjoyable living space was.  I've parted with kitchen items that weren't being used, clothes, movies, but my needlework has just been rearranged.  Then inherited mom's stash, my aunt's stash, stash explosion.

I've been off work the past few months so they've been spent stitching, organizing and doing 'constructive' things like playing World of Warcraft. I finally decided it was time to sort out the stash when I was looking at the Nashville Market for things to buy and then I pondered which lifetime I planned to stitch it.  Instead of shopping the new items from market I pulled out the stash, all of it.  Guess what, when you leave linen folded in a zip top bag for a decade it doesn't end well for the linen.  A moment of silence for the departed linen.  I was able to salvage smaller squares from the lost causes for ornaments so they weren't a complete loss.

I ironed for weeks, ok it was really only 2 days but it felt like weeks. I don't iron, yuck! Now the fabric is hung, in the closet with care (not really it should be in a garment bag or something)  the stash reduced and the stuff that didn't make the cut is on Etsy looking for a new home.  `If you head over before St Patricks day and use code MAR20 save 20% off orders $25 or more! As my luck runs, as I was digging through all the stash I found more started projects.  Seems my mother liked to start them and then stash them as her mind changed of what she wanted to work on.  At least one of them is close to done.

I'm now down under 150 projects, my high being 500 a few years ago so I guess that's a good start.  There is a chance I could finish that many things but I guess that also means I need to get my tail in gear and do the finishing work that is sitting in my sewing table... maybe I should make a page for that to go with my progress page to help remind me to stop procrastinating.  Maybe later...
 Thanks for reading.


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