Lingering WIPs and TUSAL

TUSAL, the totally useless stitch along.  Its one stitch along I can almost manage to hit every month, except when I don't or when I'm late as I am this month. I've looked back at all the past posts, I've not cleaned this thing out since at least January of 2014.

All that lovely wool is piling up from trying to finish the tiger, love it.  The tiger is a piece from my aunt's stash that was left unfinished when she passed, this piece is by Lee and goes into a purse.  Down to the white and I'll have another needlepoint purse to carry around... and draw weird looks from people as no one here seems to do needlecrafts to appreciate what it is, oh well.

I still have a few more WIPs that followed me home along with a *ton* of stash and accessories, a selection of which are also for sale in my Etsy shop. Charts, some kits, some really fun vintage knitting and scissors.  The TSA was super not impressed when I checked my luggage with all the scissors to put it mildly, he asked if there was anything that he could potentially injury himself with in my bag and I might have said 100 or so pairs of embroidery scissors, I think he thought I was kidding and then he put the bag through the scanner.  The entire bag was charts and scissors so there were plenty of needles too, probably should have shipped that one, ahh well.

I'm back out in the garden again today, hope everyone in the middle of what seems like a non stop winter storm is keeping warm.


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