A hike in the snow for the new year

We hadn't been hiking in a few months, it was time.  While we don't usually see snow and ice at home it does make an appearance in the gorge and it was a frosty day when we decided to hike Multnomah falls.  The snow and ice wasn't as heavy as it was the week before but there was still plenty of ice to be found on the trail around the waterfall.

Had to get out the trax out for walking on the ice, but we managed to make the entire trip up to the trail over to Wahkeena without falling or looking completely ridiculous.

Maggie sat this one out, not knowing what sort of trail conditions we were in for we decided it was best to not bring her and then not be able to hike at all. We came home to find one extremely ticked off weiner dog,  she knew the hiking packs went with us and she did not and she did not approve.  Guess she'll be coming along next time along with a sling to carry her in-case trail conditions are not fit for her to hike.


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