The Rain Arrives...

As the weather cools for the fall I'm far more likely to be outside and in my mind no better time for it. In the summer I'm in the yard tending the garden and standing in the broiling hot kitchen canning the harvest - why couldn't the canning season be in the dead of winter when the house is cool? That would be too easy.  Where was I? Oh yes, hiking in the rain.  Maggie's first hike on a real trail so we went for a favorite that we knew the terrain, Eagle Creek.  This hike just never seems to get old for me.


Fall just after the rain starts is the best time on this trail in my opinion, the rains increase the water flow just enough.  There are moss covered walls that appear to literally weep water, the waterfalls a just a bit bigger but the water flow hasn't gone up so much that access is cut off to points on the trail.


A new tree down from the ground soak that comes with the first rain and I got some rogue hiking gear in the shot from the 2 photographers that were in the water taking pictures of Punch Bowl Falls. Maggie took made all 4 miles without pause, she didn't even want to be bothered to stop for water. This hike did bring into focus that we still have a bit of work to do on her behavior when she decided to bark at a few hikers when we stopped to let them pass on the trail.  Having always been kept in check by Indiana and Lizzie, being an only dog is proving a struggle for her to understand she doesn't have a "job" anymore.  She's always looked after a sick dog, first Lizzie and then Indiana, now her job is to play with toys, chew on bones and nap.


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