October Stitching

Its been a while since I've spent time with needle and thread. Between the summer garden and sick pups I had a very busy few months but life is calming down and the cool fall weather has arrived to encourage me to curl up under a blanket and stitch.

My latest small finish, and actually the only sort of finish I've managed this year. Still one less thing in the pile so you won't hear me complaining. I did resist starting anything new despite all the new to me stash, I already had too many projects going and the new stash came with more works in progress than I had expected so now I have to look those over and see what is really left to do on each. 

This is A Tribute to Vincent that my mother was working on when she passed in 2009. Pretty sure all that is left is background but I need to go by page through the stitch guide to be sure nothing is being overlooked.  The background itself looks nice and boring but simple enough to get stitched so I can call this a finish, makes me wonder what else is a dozen stitches from finished that I'm overlooking. One of this weekends I should probably sift through the pile to see what else I can easily mark up as finished.
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