New Hiker in Training

With our 2 older dogs passing this year, the remaining pup is in good enough shape for hiking so we've started back on a few easier trails to see how she handles the hike and to address any training issues before we're out in the woods.  For a start we headed to a park on the river, limited elevation but 3.5 miles so a good test for distance.


Not the most exciting hike, not really a hike but its a good start for Maggie who is used to chasing squirrels in the yard and walking around the neighborhood.

Champoeg is one of the early settlements in Oregon that was wiped off the map by flood.  They marked out the original streets to show where the town stood.

A beautiful river today but I've seen enough rivers flood their banks that I'm ok living on dry land and visiting the river. 


The last early structure standing.  Restoration work was done in the 90's to restore it to its original condition.


On a bright note, Maggie did great on her really long walk and slept the whole way home.  In fact, she slept most of the rest of the evening so we'll have a bit more work getting her shaped up for a bigger trip. Thank for visiting!


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