Changing of the guard

Its been a very long and pretty harsh year, well mostly the summer.  It started in May when my aunt passed away rather unexpectedly.  My aunt battled cancer for many years, she was in remission while she helped my mom through the last year of her life only to have her own come back and end her life far too early. That was just the start and while pets are not as significant for some, I don't have any children so these are my children.   After my aunt passed the hubby and I flew back to my home town to help my brother go through a lot of the stuff.  We had 2 full houses of clothes, furniture and other miscellaneous things so we kenneled the dogs for a few days and took the first trip together in many years.  We came back to find our dogs in an awful state, Lizzie was sick and began her decline.  We let her go July 5th.

Now enter Indiana, like Lizzie who was rescued from the horrid conditions of a puppy mill, Indiana has a rough start on life and he never got ahead of things from an irresponsible breeder.  He injured his back in 2007 and again in 2009.  A few months before my aunt passed his back legs stopped working completely and he's been getting around with the aid of a K9 cart.

He never missed a beat once we got the cart, in-fact after we lost Lizzie he was more energetic and playful.  That all changed this week, with when he started showing digestive distress. Maggie started having issues with food leaving her body in an inappropriate manner, and as she was getting better Indiana "caught" whatever it was.  

Maggie bounced back in a few days to perfect health, by day 2 it was obvious that Indiana was going to have a rough go of things.  He was twice Maggie's age and his poor little body was tired from everything else life threw at him so a trip to the vet, some fluids and a lovely cocktail of meds and we expected to see him on the mend, not so much. Now Maggie is the dog of the house, the only dog and this is going to be something of an adjustment.  

In other news as the summer harvest has thinned I've actually had time to sit and stitch, getting a bit more work done on my sheep virtues.  I will try to get another update as things settle down here around the house.   Thanks for visiting~


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