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I've been rather quiet the past few months, so much has happened that I could never quite make myself pause long enough to compose something new.  Actually, that has been the trend all year. It started with me and a pinched nerve in my back, next came Indiana losing his motor control on his back half for the final time in his life.  Got my problem sorted out, Indiana is going to acupuncture and has his cart so he can get around and is as hyper as ever.  I thought this would be it for a while, that was a pipe dream as things were just warming up.

Next I lost my aunt in May and was home for a week for services and to visit with family and then flew back in June with my husband to go through all my aunts things and a good amount of my mothers things with my brother.  My mom and my aunt shared my love of needle crafts, and between the 2 of them I'm pretty sure I could open my own needlework store.  I had a container shipped home and it arrived just before the 4th of July holiday weekend, nothing like a 3 day weekend to try to get everything sorted out.  When they unloaded the truck it filled a bay in the 2 stall garage, guess I had a few more things than I thought.   I got a few new to me pieces of furniture, more needlework (as if I was suffering a shortage) and a lot of random "stuff" so it was Christmas in July to unpack and rearrange things to accommodate the new things. That is when the latest events happened, and I really do think I've had quiet enough for a while life, thanks.

Lizzie's health had been failing for a while, more than once we drove to the vet fully expecting she would not be returning home from us.  Most of her teeth pulled, vertigo spells where she didn't even know which end was up that led to a lot of confusion, blind and partially deaf; she really did have the deck stacked.  She was a bit off in the morning, no more than usual, when we came home from a few errands things were not the same so off we went and after an evaluation of her condition and the symptoms it was decided it was time to let her go.  There was a slim chance we could have pulled her through but the journey to get there would have been more than her old, weak body could have handled.

And then there were 2.  The most interesting thing of losing Lizzie is realizing how much stress her presence put on Indiana and Maggie.  They haven't appreciably touched toys in several years and Maggie was usually found where Lizzie was.  Maggie spent half of Sunday outside just sunning on the patio,  both dogs spent half an hour playing with toys like they'd never seen them before. There is a noticeable air of what I can only call relief on the other 2, going to have to come up with more ways to exercise them and burn off all this new-found energy


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