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I've been trying to spend more time working on my needle crafts.  Between the dogs with their health issues, my aunt passing in May, my new-found enjoyment of being in the outdoors and a pinched nerve in my shoulder - the needlework has fallen by the wayside despite me having enough stash to last several lifetimes.  Add on top a considerable amount of projects from the combined stash of my mother and my aunt, it was time to pick up the needle or part with the stash.  I also have new finishes that were not mine, I will try to get some good photos of the finished pieces to share as my mom was amazing at finishing.

My most recent finish, another of the Sheep Virtues from Little House Needleworks.  This was March... of 2013... I might be just a bit behind. Since I got the next Sheep done and a good start on 2 more finishes from the Works in Progress pile, I decided to get the rest of the sheep before my luck kicks in and they either discontinue them or the little buttons that decorate each piece.  Yes I really did forget to buy the JCS 2013 ornament issue, the horror!

Now the gauntlet has been thrown, guess its time to get moving.  I got the threads pulled and the fabric ready for #5 and as its small enough its been tossed in my purse to have at work for breaks or lunches when I have time to pick up a needle.  Yes for those counting, I did skip #4, the fabric was on back order.

And as I'm well timed just after the new moon, my ORTs for the TUSAL  This was started last January but as I didn't stitch much after we hit summer I figured I'd pick up where I left off last year.  Now to make a dent in the stash. The best is yet to come, the furniture we had when we moved into our house has seen its better days.  We found an amazing price on a pair of chairs so I will be able to pull my stand out and work more on a few of my larger pieces which will be exciting, maybe I might even get Twister done some time in this century... maybe.


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