Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!

I guess it would be more accurate to say *I* fell down.  It hurts, looks awful and I'm not sure how I'm going to put on anything appropriate to wear to work next week.. better start digging in the closet for more skirts. It started this morning with us contemplating where we wanted to hike today. We had a plan when we went to bed, we woke up and didn't feel as energized to hike and with the forecast in the 90's we started looking for an alternative and decided to finish Sahalie and Umbrella falls since on our last attempt we lost the trail before we reached Umbrella falls and aside of an attack of some rogue asphalt in the forest it was a beautiful hike.


The trail crosses the nordic tracks at Mt Hood Meadows several times as it makes its way from a trail head near the Nordic center to a point just shy of the main lodge

The hike was hard we were near 5000ft for the hike so breathing was a bit more work making this 3 mile hike feel much longer but the falls didn't disappoint.  Umbrella falls is a 59ft veiling horsetail fall according to the Northwest waterfall data base - veiling, sure but horsetail? umm not to my eyes.


We climbed up the falls and in the distance saw the lodge at Mt Hood Meadows and Mt Hood above.


This was the winner of the day though, my poor leg.   We were in the forest, Mt Hood National forest.  There are rocks, sticks, tree debris and roots to step over all along the trails and I was used to that.  What I was not expecting was rogue asphalt to appear and attack.  Above the falls on the south side of the falls there was the remains of a paved trail down, I can only assume that at some point this was more of a drive in tourist spot.  My shoe hit unexpected asphalt and down I went.  Thankfully nothing was broken, just a really bad scrape on my knee and some road rash on my leg.  Even my camera and the trek pole that was in the wrong hand to have slowed my fall survived unscathed. Now I'm off to nurse my wounds...


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