A day on the coast

So we thought we'd go somewhere different, we wanted to go to the coast but we wanted to see something new. This time we headed futher south and passed numerous little parking areas that were pretending to be your average trail head...
We decided to stop at one when we saw a sign saying beach access, that could be cool. We parked and started down a complete maze of a trail, signs to the beach every direction.. apparently there was several access points some time ago but washout has closed all but one. We finally get to the end of the trail, the ocean appearing through the trees and we're nearly run over by a few people with surf boards and were greeted by this

Trail to Cape Falcon

A beautiful beach, surrounded by rock complete with a few small streams running to the ocean from somewhere in the mountains and a waterfall.

Cape Falcon

Me being me, had to walk across the beach to the water fall and what we found was even better than the water... tidal pools full of sea critters!

Cape Falcon

Cape Falcon

Sooo wanted to stay longer and see what else there was to see but the tide was coming in so we were pushing getting trapped if we headed any futher out on the rocks. Definately a trip for another day...


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