A beautiful spring day?

Well... the flowering trees *were* lovely, until they decided to litter all over the ground and make it look like snow. What's up with that anyway, I didn't order this mess. Atleast I don't have to clean it up but it was no end of humor watching the dogs get flower petals stuck on their noses as they sniffed in search of a dropped crumb of food.

Now its lovely and all, but it looks like snow *shudder* Nothing like a whole street lined with these trees in white and pink to announce spring has arrived

Even Lizzie managed to enjoy herself by trying to help Jay eat his lunch, if given the chance this little shark will happily eat the food and your hand not realizing that my hand isn't really as tasty as what I'm holding.

Wing and nut did their best impression of a nascar race, crashing and trying to shove each other to get ahead.. wow, did I really just go there with the nascar thing? Well there went a perfectly pointless post, right down the drain. :)


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