Its the end of the world, as we know it...

So this was driving on Saturday... I had a few things I needed to pick up at the store and wanted to stop by the grocery so we wouldn't starve if the snow kept falling, they were predicting freezing rain...not my idea of a good time to go out. It wasn't terrible out but it was slow going because there was still a nice layer of ice under the new layer of snow

Then we fast forward to later that afternoon, this apartment was not designed for weather like this... I've put up heavy curtains to keep the cold back but that is creating a whole different problem

ICE! Nothing like pulling the curtains back to see how the weather is and seeing this on the bottom edge of your sliding glass door, ACK!

Well, ok this picture sucks but its the best I could get at this hour. I called work late last night to find out we're closed because the roads are so bad. All that haze in the photo is snow, you can see how much is sitting on the branch on the right of the photo. Yuck The worst storm they've seen in 40 years, figures we're here to "enjoy" it. Trixie if you're reading this I hope you're keeping warm out there too


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