And we return

We haven't done a lot lately, the most recent was a trip up to Mt Hood. It was 70 degrees at Timberline and they were making snow anyway, I just have to figure out where the photos are. In the mean time here are a few from a hike we took with friends on the Washington side of the Columbia River. A beautiful wooded trail, don't ask me which one I haven't a clue =) We were going to one place and realized how difficult the hike was we headed up the road a bit to another that looked like a hike we were up for. Of course it was still a huge ordeal for me the queen of not in shape. Were it my choice I would have whimped out half way in, it was a pretty steep hike in a few areas and my hiking shoes aren't broken in enough so my feet were tired, then add in the fact that I stupidly took my regular purse along so I could carry water without realizing how heavy water is, next time I'm taking a nice backpack or something.


This was the sight near the end of the trail, the water was crashing down the opening in the rocks and spraying out past that rail so we were all wet but it was worth it to get that close to the waterfall. This is only about 1/3 of it, there was just no way to get back in a spot I could get more of it in frame unless I wanted to stand IN the water and that was just not an option. Despite it being the middle of summer that water was COLD. At least the hike out was better, it was all down hill so I could let gravity help me along. One of these days I'll get myself in better shape for all this hiking... maybe. ;)


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