Finally Some Stitching

And hopefully I will stay with some regular stitching. I can't believe what a loop I've been thrown with the holidays and Indiana's back injury. Add in the new job which is pretty demanding of my time in comparison with the last job I had and it equals not much stitching.

Here is my progress so far, this is yet another of Jim Wurth's dodecagons, no clue what the name of it is as the pattern is at home and I am not. This is one of the designs in the original ad that I saw which I've been waiting for. I loved the pastel colors in this one which might be some of the motivation to finally get one out and work on it.
Indiana is slowly healing, but its slower than I would like. He's starting to try to stand but the nerves in his back legs aren't working yet or aren't working correctly so he isn't flipping his paws to stand on them, hopefully that will improve with a bit more time.


  1. Oh, good to see you back!

    Ugh, jobs have NO business taking up our stitching time. Not that I've done any for a couple of weeks, (disgrace that I am), but I think there will be some cross stitch, some ribbon embroidery and some sewing up of a pillow coming up over the next week..... Hope you have time to hop over!

  2. Tee-hee! Aren't Country Bumpkin the limit??=) Well, at least the Gold and silk A-Z won't be available in Aus until April, so that means another month or two before it gets to us! Summer treats coming up! I want that one on Embroidery Stitches 2 as well! What else is there after this? The whitework one was 'book 1 - surface techniques', so there must be a book 2 for counted work, then apart from Brazilian Embroidery, I can't think of much more they can do A-Zs on! How many do you have? I've only got 2 so far, but there are about 5 on my Amazon wishlist.=)


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