Twister returns

Twister is back out now that Baroque is completed and it is again reminding me why stitching it is so discouraging. I started working again on the yellow/gold colorway and in 6 hours of work I managed to get the dark gold(orange) border in on the bottom and that one yellow "wedge" on the right side of the square. 6 hours for that little bit is just so slow going. Every stitch on this piece needs to be laid with a laying tool, I have a trolley needle, the very one that's acting as a apostrophe in my banner, so what could be a quick stitch takes twice as long to ensure that all the threads lay neatly. I've actually tried doing one section without the laying tool and I hated the results, the stitches looked messy and there were gaps where the congress cloth showed because the thread kept twisting so I'm going to have to keep plugging away at this one with the laying tool just to ensure I'm happy with the finished result of all the labor in this piece. On the bright side I'm past the half way point on the squares with this one and one other to finish and then I will have to work out the border. The directions failed to stress the importance of exact measurement in the transfer of the design to the congress cloth so I'm a few stitches short on one side. That was a bit disappointing but I have the green squares in to see how it would measure out and so far it looks ok. I don't know how long I'll stay working on this one, the slow progress as I said is discouraging so once it really starts getting to me it will go back in the WIP pile and I'll dig something out that's a little easier to work on.


  1. I really like the designs that you do-Twister is another!

  2. This is a pretty design but it sux that its such a slow WIP. Looks good though. :o)

  3. It may be difficult, but the results are fantastic! If you rotate it out and back in fairly regularly, that might work?

  4. It may be a pain to work on but it does look stunning.

  5. Oh, don't be discouraged, this is such a beautiful piece.

  6. That is a very neat design. Don't get to discouraged - it will be amazing when it is finished!

  7. I agree - lots of short bursts will see this one through! I love it and love seeing your needlepoint proejcts come to life :)

  8. I have this one in my stash. Now I'm seriously wondering about it. Except...your's looks amazing and it will be wonderful when it's done. So keep going! :-)


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