Monrovia Happy Dance!!

Finished the last few beads this morning and what a chore THAT was. There are 5 beads seated in the center of each Jessica stitch in the center square which is normally pretty easy, in Mojave that also used this technique I must have stitched the Jessica stitches a bit more loose because it seemed to take FOREVER to get the stupid beads to seat evenly and not look like a jumbled up mess. They're all in place now and look pretty good although I keep contemplating putting a small dab of glue in the middle of each of them to help keep them where they are. I'm concerned once its finished its going to get knocked and the beads will all over the place and then I'm screwed to try to fix it unless I tear it all apart... that would not be so fun. We'll see though, I'm taking it to Sit and Stitch tonight so we'll see how it survives the journey, if it can take that it might be ok.

Pay no attention to any oddities you might see happening. I've finally messed with a new template enough that I'm happy with it so I'll be converting this 3 column over to a much neater 2 column template.


  1. Wow...this was so much to read this morning. Not only do I get to see Monrovia finished, but I love your new look. I've been checking out the doggies and your photos and they are wonderful!

  2. Congratulations. Monrovia is just gorgeous (my favorite out of this series you've done).

  3. Another beautiful finish!

    The new template looks good too - I liked this one too :)

  4. Great work! Monrovia turned out beautifully. :)

  5. Fantastic! Also love the look of the blog!

  6. It's gorgeous, congratulations

  7. It's beautiful, I've never seen this before. Very cool


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