March Ornament

From the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue 2004, Christmas Ornament 2004 by Periwinkle Promises. Its done on 24ct sparkle white linen with cranberry Gloriana, a fiber which I am now giving serious thought to throwing away so I don't have a brain lapse and use it again. I love stitching with silk but this fiber was a test. It knotted, snagged and the ends on the back where the tails are were fuzzy and frayed looking. Not exactly what I would expect from a silk fiber, I think perhaps its just not spun well enough so in the future I will stick with Water lilies or Silk N Colors if I want an overdyed silk. I've also made a few changes in the actual design. The diamonds were actually supposed to be queen stitches, another favorite of mine (ha ha) I wasn't paying the closest attention to the directions and got started doing the diamonds before I realized it and I liked the look of it so I continued with the diamond pattern instead of queen stitches. I still need to pick up a bit of red ribbon for the hanger, the only one I have that matches is a bit wide for a hanger so I will pick that up this weekend hopefully. Hancock fabrics is closing all their stores in Michigan (according to the staff at the store) so everything is being marked down, no better time to stock up on a few finishing items... now if they'd just mark the sergers and Rowenta irons down for me. :)


  1. In addition to Watercolors and Silk n Colors, I can recommend the Crescent Colors overdyed silks. Gorgeous. Yummy to work with!

  2. I suspect that Hancock is going under. I am hearing about a lot of stores closing and I just checked and found out that they filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 last week. :(

    BTW, I hate queen stitches, too. :D

  3. It looks lovely. I cannot do a queen stitch that looks good for anything, so I usually adjust a pattern to avoid them as well. I've never tried the Gloriana's, but I love waterlilies and silk n colors. I recently got a kit with cresent colors in it, so I'll be interested in seeing how those are to stitch with.

  4. I like the alternative to queen stitches. I looks much more lacy, more open than if you had done the diamonds in queen stitch.
    - Jeanne (storing this idea away in the recesses of her memory)


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