Going... going...

That seems to be all I've done lately is go go go, figured I'd slacked long enough. Poirot is only getting worked on when I'm at sit and stitch which I've missed a few of lately so I'm behind. If I'm counting correctly the next one should be arriving soon, they usually appear between the 15th and the 20th but then I seem to be missing several things and I haven't had any mail in 2 days despite the fact that our weather isn't too awful.

I had the last two days off, I was working with Lizzie trying to get her adjusted to staying in her crate while I'm at work so she won't eat my home and I managed to get Indy's jacket finished as well so I now have a matching pair of pups. We are just getting ready for a trip to the pet store and grandma's here, Indy is deciding if he really is going to tolerate this jacket.  Its still possible he may try to suffocate me in my sleep.


  1. Poirot looks great and love the pic of your two dogs.

  2. Can't wait to see more of Poirot! I love those doggies, too!! They're too much in those jackets. :)

  3. LOL such cute little doggies!! Love the matching jackets :)

  4. The pups are very cute! Great job on the jackets.

  5. The progress is looking fantastic!! I just love you matching pups! They look so adorable!!

  6. I just got the new Jim Wurth today. It's GORGEOUS. I haven't yet started one, but I keep watching your blog for inspiration. What's your favorite, so far?

    I love the picture of the doggies in their matching coats. They look sooo cute!.


  7. Hi Kali...is my updater not working or have you stopped blogging? I miss your entries and your photos!
    Take Care and I hope all is well


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