Well I finally decided to get off my tail and do the hem stitching on my Black and White Sampler this weekend. What's sad is I was sitting there with thread in hand looking at the linen and trying to remember how, apparently I love hemstitching so much I've blocked it from my memory.  Thankfully I have a good book so I dragged that out. I may still do more with this design, there were samples in the test class showing using the motif to make scissors fobs and pin cushions that I snapped pictures of so I could remember the basics of how it was done.

This was my Sunday work, Saturday was taken up with cleaning and getting the Christmas Tree up. Now looking at it I see I really need to get my tail in gear and stitch some more ornaments for it from the many, many issues of Just Cross stitch I have sitting around.


  1. Kim, you did a fabulous job!!

  2. Ooooooh, your Black and White Sampler looks fantastic finished and hanging on your wall. Well done!

  3. That looks so awesome!! Wonderful job, Congrats on the finish!!!

  4. Sampler looks great. Good luck on changing your blog. :)


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