Christmas Party Bits and Stash

Let see, where to start.  First mom brought this pattern for me. After making the Vintage Red Tin for her she took the pattern and made a set for my aunt and then she decided to pick this one up and thought I would like it as well. As you can see I have 2 of the three tins designed for, I'm not sure where to find the third one. If anyone does spot it and wouldn't mind picking me up a set of them (I'm sure mom will want one as well) I'd be happy to send you $$ for the tins and shipping. I know around here they run about $1.50 for one. The one I'm hunting for is the 1930 replica tin, its gold with what I can only call a "quilted" design embossed into it. The center is dark red with the name. If anyone else is looking for some of these tins please email me, I can readily get the blue Wynnewood and the larger one for the Vintage Red set at my neighborhood grocery.

And the Christmas party bits... Starting top left is Hardanger Monogram bookmarks from Satin Stitches, Sweet Nothings by JBW Designs, No J Sampler by The Sampler House, Noel ornament by Prairie Schooler and Wrought By Me by The Sampler House. There are also a few threads and an aida bookmark.

Each year we also get a "favor" which until last year was always themed around strawberries. They ran out of strawberry ideas and have now moved to something new, hearts. A few of the members got Ghirardelli chocolate bits and melted them down in heart molds so we'd have hearts on our tables when we arrived. Then in our bags we found the chatelaine you see below with rings attached for future gifts to be attached. The two hearts at the base are a needlebook and a pouch for a thimble or perhaps the heart bees wax that we got as well. I also got a tool for making cording, the one that looks like a small hand drill, but as I already have one and I have a powered model I gave it to someone who was without one so they could put it to use instead of it collecting dust here. The ornament I got in this year's ornament exchange.


  1. You have got some fantastic new goodies! I have been hesitant to switch because of all the layout issue people have had. I don't know if those have bee resolved or not although the message says 'nothing will change and layout will remain intact'.

  2. Hey, have you already moved to beta?? I seem to think the forms and header are 'beta', but I'm not 100% sure. If so, then I'm impressed - the thing that has stopped me from moving so far is that I'll lose my template, and after paying for it to be designed, I really don't want to ... now if they're being true to their word, and the content and layout really DOES copy across OK maybe I'll think about biting the bullet and giving it a shot ... hmmm. That aside, your beaded ornie turned out beautifully, and your Christmas stash is serious drool material ;) A wonderful visual feast for the day :D


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