Beaded Ornament

I managed to finish with just minutes to spare. I quite possible would have had this done last night but I ended up with yet another killer headache and all the counting became too much, not to mention I was having trouble focusing on the beads to get them on the needle so I went to bed early and got up a bit earlier than usual so I'd have time to finish. This is the ornament laid out, as you can see 5 "ladders" of bugle beads and seed beads draped between. Its not much more than a web of beads to lay over a glass ornament.

And here is is draped over an ornament.  I've always liked these frosty ornaments with no color but you could use any color or finish to change the look. A fun ornament to make if you don't mind all the counting, the seed beads start with a row of 5 and the lowest has 87 so there's a bit of counting involved.

This is the second of these I've made, I didn't remember to get a photo of the first before it was given away, but I do have beads out to start one for myself finally. I found this pattern in an old copy of the Bead and Button magazine (it was a 2 year old issue at the time) and I recently found it again in a compilation book from Bead and Button Magazine that also contained some other great ornaments I'm itching to try... after I get some work done on Baroque... I will not get distracted from my goal of finishing Baroque. Oh who am I kidding?


  1. That is just lovely! What a cool idea and I love the colors and all!!!

  2. Oh, it's gorgeous! Very well done. :)


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