6 More shopping days...

Are you done with YOUR Christmas shopping? I know I'm not *sigh* I still have my mother, my least fun person to shop for and a few other bits. Overall not bad for someone who perpetually stalls on her shopping. I worked retail for 12 years, 7 of it in a "major discount chain store" so there was no option but to have my shopping done before the season hit. Now that I don't live at work during Christmas I keep stalling more and more getting shopping done.

Here is my latest progress update on Baroque. 2 of the 3 journeys around the outside border are done, one to go. The black stitching is alternating tent stitch, nice and fast and easy

I also got a bit of progress done on Poirot, its coming along to Sit N Stitch this evening so I should have something to show and I'll post a photo of that tomorrow.


  1. Yup, I have all my shopping done and wrapped. I put my tree up over my lunch hour today, and will be decorating it later tonight. Baroque is coming along nice. Good job.

  2. I have all my shopping done, almost all wrapped except for picking up stocking stuffers for the kids.

    I love the progress on the Baroque, it lookins just lovely!!!

  3. Baroque is beautiful!


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