This Space For Rent

Yes, yes, I've been a slacker about updating things here. What can I say, I can only move so many people before I just need to hide under a rock so my body can recover. First I help Jay move here which was a 2 day marathon. The loading and unloading wasn't so bad, the need to drive 55/60 on the highway when I could be going 90, that was a bit traumatizing ;) Once that was done mom's friend is moving so I end up at her house. I'm told before we go that she's almost packed and ready, yeah sure. We had a pick up to move the boxes and a moving company was going to come for the furniture so we took 3 loads of stuff, IN THE RAIN (nice) oh joy, oh rapture. Now of course its my turn. I've slowly been digging out all my "stuff" from the attic and the kitchen is starting to look like someone ate some Ivy and then got sick all over. My plates have ivy, and I think I have every matching piece, the towels match as do the table linens, the tea pot, candle holders... you get the idea :D Oh and the cutting board LOL I'm not rushing this one though, every day some gets moved and at some point I have to move the furniture, ick. Since I have no interesting photos to share of anything we'll substitute this nice photo on Indy. HE seems to think this is a good place to ride while in a car... dogs ;)

Hey... what was THAT?


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