Thank you may I have another?

Yesterday work was dead, and as I was the only one here I thought, what better way to pass the time than stitch right? :) You can see just how busy I wasn't by my progress here from yesterday's photo. If I have another day like that today I may just have her done. This morning before heading in I dug out a nice green for her eyes that should compliment the hair nicely. This piece is also going to be my first attempt at "finishing" a Lee bag myself. After the nasty sticker shock I got from having Gloves and Kisses done I am not about to let them finish another of my pieces. Its a matter of cutting the canvas to size (there should be a template with the bag) and mounting it to the adhesive backing. Then you apply weight until its good and stuck. But I will shut up about that before I go on my rant about this shop again. For the record its not an isolated incident either. If anyone is really that curious email me and I'll give you the highlights.


  1. My goodness, she is certainly coming to life! I can't wait to see her finished and that looks like it will be soon. :)

  2. Wow!! Aren't those kind of days fun?

    It's been really quiet at work this afternoon, so I've been knitting on my Socktoberfest sock.

  3. I'm glad to hear you had a nice slow day that allowed you to stitch a bit. She is looking really pretty. :)


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