TGI... Monday?

Oh yes I'm sooo happy to see Monday, how sad is that?? :) I sadly didn't do a single stitch this weekend, there just wasn't time and when there was I didn't have the strength. Moving turned out to be a small nightmare. I knew I had a lot of "stuff" I lived in a 2 bedroom house before the place I just moved from and it certainly wasn't bare, but then I figured with the divorce and a lot of that stuff leaving it wouldn't be so bad, you'd think so right? Not so much... I'll likely still be moving things into the apartment for the better part of the week so not much stitching will be seen other than the bits I get done during the day here on breaks at work.

I have found a few things in the unpacking of the stash that I had forgotten about and have no need for. I will try to sort it out and post so if anyone is interested I can box them up and send them off ;)

**Edit - Thanks to all of you for your words, this move has been a trial more than I was expecting and I will try to be good and relax but that will come after I find the couch so I can actually sit. Right now the only horizontal surfaces to sit on besides a few pieces of floor are the bed and the computer chairs. I have managed to find my way to Jay's computer and I will hopefully get mine online this evening so I'll most likely be posting photos of the disaster that is over on our blog. When I do I'll drop a link here if anyone wants to talk themselves out of moving LOL


  1. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Don't push too hard, dear girl! *hug*

  2. Just sending along some {{{{{hugs}}}}

  3. You need to set aside a little time to relax and stitch each day! The unpacking will still be there after your 'break'!


  4. Sorry to hear your moving has been a nightmare. I've had those Mondays where I was glad to be at work too. LOL, but by Friday I'm ready get get out. Try to relax some and not let it get too stressful.


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