New Start

Got my needle going on Halloween Fairy yesterday. I have to say I was a bit disturbed when I first started stitching her face. Its done in Bella Rosa from Crescent Colors and the look, to me, was jarring. One minute I'm stitching and she's a soft pink and then the thread suddenly changed to near white.

After scowling at the linen for a bit I tore it out and cut the offending part of the thread out and used the part with a softer color change. I don't mind the near white but for whatever reason when it was stitched it looked like I had completely changed colors and that just didn't work for me. That aside she is coming along.

Thank you for all your comments on Mojave! Its now been moved to the *cough* finishing pile to hopefully soon be sent to the finisher. Yes I could do it myself but I want the finishing on all of them to be consistent so I'm going to let the finisher do it for me. I have enough fun in my finishing pile that I haven't gotten to, like the Mary Cox Shaker box that I am close but not quite. I actually should make a point this weekend to work on that.


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