Mojave - almost finished :)

Well I finally got myself back online this morning, Yay! It didn't help that my keyboard and mouse were in the bottom of the last box that I unpacked. Now I just have the fun of going through the rooms and trying to organize the disaster that is my stuff

Here is my promised pic. Its almost complete, there is a bit of stitching to fill in around the Jessica stitch at the top and bottom of the third band and I believe a bit of back stitch, then I get to add some BEADS! They're a fabulous copper color as you may remember from the post where I had all the fibers laid out. You can also see them here. And for comparison to the original design...

You can see the beads here as well as the differences between how I stitched it. I have my bands in so they mirror each other where the original design has the reverse happening. The green/yellow band for example, one "points" in an upward direction and the other downward. Something seems different in the center band as I look at these pictures but I'm not aware of anything that I changed in there, its most likely a difference in photography as my picture is a bit washed out. There was no daylight to take the photo in (its 7:30am here) and I used a different camera than I usually do so I didn't have the settings how I usually have them for pictures of stitching.

And now I'm off to continue my quest for order in my new home ;)


  1. Mojave is looking fantastic!

    Great blog and I have added you to my blog roll! Welcome to the Cross Stitchers bloggers club!!!!


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