Just more fun than should be allowed

Now the fun of moving as promised...

This is supposed to be the living room, as seen from the hallway. Uh huh, looks like a living room doesn't it? Let see now, there's a TV, several boxes of unknow contents. A crate of wine, always important >:) come to think of it I should have cracked one of those bottles open. Nice eh? Jay was comtemplating lighting a match in here and dropping it "accidentally" ha ha

And here we have a shot of the office earlier in the process. Once we got to the point where walking was becoming a challenge we put everything else in the garage and brought it in as we cleared space so you really don't get the full effect of what a disaster I made there. tee hee For the record those are all Jay's books, I think I own 2 dozen total as I never sit idle long enough to read a print book, I get them on cd from the library... much easier :)

Here is Indy's feelings on the whole process as well. He just wanted to hide because there was no where safe for him to be without getting his toes in the way. He was very grumpy with me for the first few days but he is settling in to the new place and doing fine.


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