I can see the end!

Ok I'm so close I can't stand it. I'm actually a bit annoyed I wasn't able to stay up last night long enough to finish her completely but that should be accomplished today. Quite honestly I'm not so happy, now that her face is filled in, with the angle of her nose but I am not frogging half the face to change it. I stitched it once with the same color I used to shade her jaw line and it was too faint, I have 2 colors that are darker than the main part of the face, I am thinking of using a bit of both to darken it just a bit as I think the darkest shade is a bit too dark.

Then its just lips, hat decoration and earings. The lips are going to be DMC, not sure if I will do a satin stitch or tent, I will probably try both and decide. The earrings are going to be a cluster of beads :) I have been trying, rather unsucessfully to do something "fun" on this piece and that will be my last chance. Its a small enough area to add a little something without being too over powering that it throws the whole piece off. I still haven't a clue on that bow? on the side of the hat. I haven't really figured out what its really supposed to be so nothing has inspired me stitch wise to make it fun.


  1. That is just looking too cool!

  2. Finally blogger will allow me to leave a comment. I've been trying to leave you comments for days now and blogger keeps blocking me. I absolutely love your red hat lady. Love the colors and the stitches. She's absolutely great!

  3. Nice work. She's quite a sophisticated lady.....

  4. I'm amazed at how quickly this project is working up, Kali! Love the choices you've made so far and I'm sure you'll come up with an inspiration for the bow. :D


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