Here is my progress from the past few nights on Baroque. I have been working on this a bit here and there over the past few months and I didn't realize until this morning that I hadn't posted a photo since I got the basic diamond shape done, Yikes!

So here it is, the center area isn't quite finished, there is some beading I need to do and a few other bits but I wanted to work on the blue area so I've been jumping around a bit on it. Its coming along quite fast when I actually sit and work on it. We'll see how long it stays in the stand before I get tired of looking at it though :)

Halloween Fairy *sigh* poor thing never knew what hit her. I was about 2 rows from the top of the wing stitching the black on the wing tips when it occurred to me I hadn't checked that my count was correct, well guess what... it wasn't :( I had to frog the ENTIRE thing! I was sooo mad about it, heck I still am. I got it all out and almost have her restitched so hopefully I'll have something new to share tomorrow.


  1. Baroque is looking just lovely. I love those colors and fabric color is great. Sorry to hear about Halloween Fairy, at least she is coming back together now!

    Great goals for November!

  2. Oh no, what a bummer about the frogging. This is why I grid! Baroque is going to look gorgeous, the colours really pop.

  3. Baroque looks really nice! I love the colors and design.


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