Almost there...

Finished up her hair last night with only a small bit of thread to spare! I went through 2 skeins of GAST Nutmeg for the hair on her with 4 strands to spare. The end is near! LOL Honestly the rest of this will be easy, just a bit of a pain as her face is done in tent stitch and I haven't a clue what to do with the eye there. There is so much happening with bits of color here and there that I'm just not quite sure. I'm going to pull an assortment of DMC and mess with it today and see if I can make it look like an eye when I'm finished. :) I also like the look of the hair color much better than the blonde. The only reason I changed it as I wanted her hair color to be closer to mine and I haven't been a real blonde since I was 5. I think this color balances a bit better with the other bright colors in the piece as well. I'm probably going to pull the Splendor silk I used on Twinkle pig for her face, there are a few nice lighter skin tones in that assortment that should work well on her face.

A small change on the template. I took my blogroll down because I was tired of this insanely long list of blogs wasting a whole sidebar. Ok wasting is not the *best* word but it was taking up a lot of space. I added the Google aggregator and love that, but I missed the list as there are times when I want to go back and look at something and if the blog isn't updated its a pain so there is now a dropdown menu above the Google aggregator on the right side bar with the blogs from the aggregator. Yes there are too many of them ;) But as the aggregator scans them all daily for new posts and does a pretty reliable job, its not like I'm sifting through them all and I can keep up with an insane number of blogs as I do enjoy seeing what everyone else is doing. Seeing many people doing the HAED projects has been my latest thing, I managed to track down the small freebie on the bulletin board yesterday and I've printed it to hopefully start on in the near future. If I can manage a 6x4" piece perhaps I'll consider something larger.

Thank you as always to everyone who visits and those who leave comments. I do love hearing what everyone thinks of what I'm doing. I am my worst critic and its always nice to hear an outside opinion that yeah, I am doing it right :)


  1. Beautiful job! I think the hair looks great. You are really moving along on this piece. :)

  2. Hi Kali, what a really cool piece-it looks great. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and visiting. I appreciate your very kind comments.

  3. your site looks great. I love the idea of the drop down for blogs, have no isea how to do that or how to have it set up so you know who has posted new to their blog. What a great idea :-)


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