Stitching Finished

I finished up the stitching portion of Strawberries so Faire this weekend, now for the fun part, assembly. At some point here I'll get myself out to the fabric store and get the fabrics so I can get going on it. It doesn't look to challenging actually, the worst will be that its lined with silk, I am not a fan of sewing with silk. This is another thing I'm debating on sending off to the finisher LOL

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend... my extended weekend will continue tomorrow with a trip to Homestead Needlearts where hopefully I will find the ultimate threads for a few projects that I can share :)


  1. Very pretty stitching finish!

  2. Strawberries So Faire is very pretty. Nice finish.

  3. Congrats on finishing Strawberries So Faire! I just started the outline a couple of days ago, after gridding my heart out for hours and hours on the black fabric.


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