New Start... sort of

Well I got the pattern transferred, that counts as a start right? Not sure how well I like this fabric now that its in the hoop but we'll give it a try with a flower and see how it goes.

Yes this is done with a pencil not one of those washable blue pens, I tried that once and was not happy with it. This is how the transfers are done with my stumpwork so I figured it would work here as well. Its a 4H pencil which doesn't rub off so easily and supposedly won't run through the stitching. I don't know how true that really is but I've never had any problems and its much easier to cover than the less precise line I get with the blue pens.

I again found myself at Hobby Lobby this weekend, can you imagine? Actually this time it was mom's fault, they had a 40% off coupon in the ad last week and she wanted a small tree to put all of her stitched ornaments on. I spotting beading wire on sale so we wandered back there and found these...

These are very similar to the one I used in my scissor chatelaine, but these were cheap! I have enough of the other beads laying around to make a few more of these that I may make a few as gifts or to sell.  I might have 50 pairs of scissors but chatelaines for them all might be slight overkill.


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